Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Recent read

I've gathered multiple books specific to Gen Y and have come across some interesting titles. I just finished "Young World Rising" by Salkowitz. I really enjoyed reading about the future of Gen Y, how they will create change in the world and how to forecast this change. This book directly correlates to my thesis work and was a great resource. The last two chapters became to specific to describing conditions within specific countries and will not be pertinent to my work.

I'm moving forward with an interest in compartmentalized information and its effects on Gen Y. This generation responds to texts, websites with small articles, and short emails. Through some focus groups I worked with over the summer I realized this generation will read more if they are given 'sound bites' of info. I'm curious if in an educational setting that adjusting the methods by which information is shared could produce greater results with students. At this moment, this is where my head is.

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