Thursday, October 7, 2010

Points of interest

Generation Y has been an area of interest since my internship with NASA this past summer. Effectively reaching this specific audience has been referenced in many print and web articles as a failure.I would like to pinpoint a specific niche in this broader topic.

Cyber bullying has recently risen in the news as a phenomenon throughout the country. Will this be a cited continual issue? Or is it an isolated incident? Either way, the tragedies have been unbelievable and this may structure an interest into researching the topic closer.

Another recent article I read explained the next World War as being staged on the internet. Imagine a world where the internet is shut down and all technologies associated with it are frozen. No cell phone usage, or bank transactions. How would this effect a generation all too familiar with a world of computer dependency?

As I find more probing articles I will post them and continue the trajectory of research.

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